Treating a Indpendent Escort in Delhi

When it comes to hiring an escort from a Delhi escort agency, you should take care of some guidelines to ensure the best service and safety in the process. These tips will help you not only protect your personal safety and money; it will also build your reputation in front of the escort. If the escort is happy and feels safe and good with you, then her service quality will be much higher.

Tips to book Independent Call Girls in Delhi

Safety tip : Never ask an Delhi Escorts to provide a service without a condom. She will always refuse to do so. It is not safe or healthy to go without a condom. Do not try to take the condom off half-way through or slit it open. The escort will find out your tricks and ask you to leave immediately. Your money will not be refunded and you will be blacklisted by the escort agency.

Respect tip : Treat an escort respectfully. They provide you with sexual services in exchange of money, but they are not your personal servants.

Emotional tip : An escort pays to be your girlfriend or lover in exchange of money. Do not confuse reality with fantasy. She is being paid to be nice and sweet to you; do not make the mistake of falling in love with her.

Refund tip : An escort is not responsible if you ejaculate prematurely. Do not ask her to refund in that case; she will refuse. She is not in charge of your body and is just following the lead. If you want to have a refund, then you should ask for it before disrobing. Once the clothes are off, there is no question of any refund. An escort cannot promise you an orgasm also. She will try her best to make you get one, but she cannot control your body.

Negotiation tip : Escort agencies do not appreciate nitpicking about money. Their rates are fixed and they would rarely budge from them. So you are just wasting your and their time by insisting on negotiating the rate.

Boundaries tip : The services of an independent escort in Delhi are well-defined. Do not ask her to step out of her boundaries or provide services that were not negotiated. She will not do it, even for extra money.

Hygiene tip : It is very important that you are clean during the process. Take a nice bath, brush your teeth, and wear nice, clean clothes. Female Escorts in Delhi are very particular about hygiene. If a client is dirty or smelly, they may even ask him to take a shower. Do not be insulted by this, just accept and do as suggested.

Cheating tip : It is a nasty practice to cheat an escort from her promised amount. The escort or her agent will first count the money before the service. If you try to wheedle out of it by saying you will pay the rest later, they will definitely see through you and ask you to leave.

Disclosure tip : It is important that you disclose your medical condition to an escort. After all, you do not want to suffer a heart attack in the midst of an orgasm. Tell the escort agency your medical condition, whether you are taking any pills. If you are over 65, then the escort agencies will insist to know about your medical condition.

Expectations tip : If you find that an escort does not meet your criteria or not as promised, then leave immediately. Do not stay or exchange money; otherwise your money will be lost and you will also not have any satisfaction.

Being a gentleman tip : Finally, be a gentleman. An escort in Delhi appreciates decent and polite customers. Be gentle with her. Never turn violent or abusive; otherwise you will suffer serious consequences.

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