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My name is Saloni Ahuja, and I am waiting for your phone call.

I work as an Independent Call Girls in Delhi -NCR region. I am stunning and have a gorgeous body, which will turn you on at the first glance. I love the company of men and adore making them happy. Whenever you are feeling lonely, sad, or tired, you just have to call me and I will soon soothe your tension with my loving caresses and kisses. When it comes to erotic arts, I am an expert. I love all the exciting and sizzling techniques of Kamasutra and there is no sexual act that I don’t love participating in.

In my arms, you will feel heavenly delights and the best orgasm you ever had. All you have to do is to meet me. I will be your girlfriend, wife, and lover. I am open to all your naughty suggestions and will do my best to keep you happy. I like men who can confidently hold me and be manly at the same time. Here are some tricks that you can try to get me in the mood quickly:

Whispering: I read somewhere that ears are very erotic part of human body. They are highly sensitive and have sensual nerves. All you have to do is whisper naughty words in my ears and I am putty in your hands. Have you ever tried kissing an earlobe? I know because I have given men orgasms by just kissing their ears. Independent Female escorts in Delhi

Petting: Just as cats or dogs or children, I love petting too. It gives me comfort and helps me move closer to you. I love being petted softly on my neck, head, back, and legs. It shows me that my customer cares enough to make me feel comfortable with him before getting more intimate.

HuggingAfter petting comes hugging. Just bring me close to you and feel the desire growing. Hugs are free and make you feel relaxed and happy. By hugging me you will get an idea of my curves and I will get an idea of how hard you are. • Kissing: Next comes kissing. It is a natural act of love. Feel my red, juicy, sweet lips and get to tongue to tongue kissing to know how it feels like being kissed by the best kisser in the world. I love being kissed on mouth, neck, behind my ears, breasts, stomach, thighs, knees, fingers, toes, and inside my body. I love kissing men thoroughly starting from their mouth to penis. When it comes to oral sex, I am the best and you will feel as if you are being serviced by a heavenly nymph.

Fondling:Fondling is a necessary act before penetration. It helps me to get in the mood, makes my blood hotter and gets my juices flowing. I have a beautiful body which I love to show. Fondle my breasts and hips, while I fondle your penis, and see just how better the sex would be.

Finally: the act of love. In my arms, you will feel so much pleasure that you will forget all your tension and worry. I love all types of loving from me, whether hard or soft. I love when they penetrate me and pump me. I can hold up until my man is satisfied and I am an expert in giving multiple orgasms. I love being fucked from vagina or anal or mouth or breasts. I just love being loved.Delhi Escorts

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